Release Date: April 2015

Spectra Precision GeoInstruments

MobileMapper 120 and ProMark 120/220 Receivers: Reset to Factory Defaults


  • Spectra Precision® MobileMapper® 120 receiver
  • Spectra Precision ProMark™ 120 receiver
  • Spectra Precision ProMark 220 receiver


The document describes how to reset a MobileMapper 120 and ProMark 120 / 220 receiver to factory defaults.


Note: Once you reset the receiver to factory defaults, the registry, programs, data, and licenses are erased from the main memory. However, the options that you can see in GNSS Toolbox and the data in \Storage Disk\ are not erased.

To reset the receiver to factory defaults, you can do one of the following options:

  • Use the operating system.
  • Use the Boot menu.

Using the operating system

  1. Navigate to Start\Settings\System\Restore to factory defaults.
  2. Tap Option. A message appears.
  3. Tap Format storage disk to erase all the data on the storage disk.
  4. Click Clean Boot to confirm.

Using the Boot menu

  1. Make sure the device has an internal battery that is inserted into the docking station and powered from an external power source.
  2. Turn on the device and while the device is running, press [Enter] + [IN] + [ESC] simultaneously for one second to reset the receiver:

  3. Immediately, press the [Left Soft key] + [Enter] + [Hot Key] simultaneously for three seconds:

    This launches the Eboot Update menu: 

  4. Use the navigation key (up/down) on the keypad to select [03] Clean Boot and then press Enter on the keypad.

    Wait until the device restarts (it usually takes about 3 minutes to reboot)
  5. Once the reboot is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to recalibrate the screen.

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